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The horrifying moment when realizing the brutality of chimpanzees when so many people were seriously injured


Baboons may become very abrasive and chimps are very strong. Both have established hierarchies and are territorial. Have you ever witnessed chimpanzee combat? How about baboons battling chimpanzees? Keep watching as we examine severe hunting incidents involving chimpanzees, baboons, and macaques to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of chimps and baboons.

The chimp just before it killed the duck by crushing it
Here, a chimp brutally kills a duckling at an Australian zoo in front of horrified visitors. In full front of the tourists, the ape crushed the small bird and threw its carcass around the enclosure.

Squirrel Killed by Chimps
At the San Francisco Zoo, four chimpanzees chase a squirrel. They tinker with it for a time. The monkey simply bends over, bites it, and kills it after that. However, he also hasn’t completed. This chimp is throwing this unfortunate squirrel around like a pizza being flipped in a restaurant. The squirrel is quickly killed and flattened.


An abrupt end
It was an awful scene. Even after resting for a few hours in the sweltering Senegalese savanna, the body had significant wounds and was still bleeding. The murder victim, a West African chimpanzee, had been cannibalized after being trampled on, tortured with rocks and rods, and stamped on.
Only nine instances of chimpanzee groups killing one of their own adult males, as opposed to a member of a rival tribe, are known.


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