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Shedding tears at the image of a mother monkey holding the dead body of her baby and not leaving even though the corpse has dried


Whales, chimps, and dogs all appear to experience grief when they lose a cherished friend or offspring. Do animals understand death and grieve similarly to people? Or are we merely imposing our interpretation of their actions?

Monkeys in mourning for robotic monkey spying’s passing

A troop of langur monkeys laments the loss of one of their own.For the television miniseries Spy in the Wild, the bereaved primates developed attachments to a robotic monkey outfitted with a spy camera. One monkey tries to babysit, but things go horribly wrong, and the unsettlingly realistic robot breaks. Much like you would if your niece dropped a child she insisted on holding, the langurs stress out.
The monkeys arrive at the conclusion that the robot infant is dead and continue to assemble around it, cuddling


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