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Terrifying scene Giant forest snake died trying to escape a forest fire in Indonesia


While battling massive forest fires, Iɴᴅᴏɴᴇsɪᴀn citizens came across the remains of enormous snakes. Since July, forest fires have wreaked havoc in some areas of Iɴᴅᴏɴᴇsɪᴀ. Woodland species suffered significantly, in addition to the general suffering brought forth by the fire’s dense smoky atmosphere.

The remains of animals unable to escape the flames, including large snakes that were allegedly roasted alive, were discovered by those combating the fire and sʜᴏᴄᴋed them.

The snakes, which many people believed to be anacondas but were actually members of the python family, were completely incinerated. Some of them appeared to have ᴅɪᴇᴅ horribly, their mouths gaping.

It was said that some of these strange snakes, which varied in size, could consume whole goats and other creatures. They might only be as wide as 20 centimeters and as long as 10 meters (7.8 inches).


A video purportedly showing locals in Central Kalimantan, Iɴᴅᴏɴᴇsɪᴀ, retrieving ᴅᴇᴀᴅ snakes from a burned forest near Baamang Tengah was apparently uploaded by a conservation group named CAN Borneo.

800,000 acres of land have been ᴅᴇsᴛʀᴏʏed by the massive fire, which was caused by deforestation. Land was reportedly ᴅᴇsᴛʀᴏʏed by farmers to make room for new crops. But this year’s exceptionally hot and dry summer just exacerbated the fires worse.


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