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Super venomous hunter, mongoose, hunter extremely venomous snake in the desert


The mongoose has long been known to be the most voracious and tenacious of the desert, their menu includes a wide variety of animals, of which snakes are a favorite.

but this time the mongoose made the mistake of trying to eat a king cobra. This is a snake that possesses deadly bites with extremely high levels of poison. It is estimated that the amount of venom released in one bite is capable of killing an adult elephant and killing about 20 adults if left untreated. What if the stubborn king confronts the king of death in the desert???

After many days of wandering, now the hungry belly of the mongoose has voiced its need to be filled, the king cobra is also wandering in search of food to fill its hungry stomach in the hot desert weather. The mongoose caught the snake first and it actively attacked, so the fight broke out.

The mongoose relies on its super strong venom resistance, so it rushes to the cobra to bite, the cobra is not inferior when it comes to delivering super poisonous and painful bites. The mongoose was somewhat enlightened when he realized that this was an extremely heavy opponent. The mongoose gradually pretended to ignore it, waited for the snake to open up, and then rushed to grab a piece of its tail, causing the snake to writhe in pain and squirm.


Gaining momentum from the previous bite, the mongoose repeatedly stepped back and prepared to fight. Snakes, standing in front of those who are not afraid of heaven or earth, are more timid and defensive. the two struggled for a while, the main mongoose rushed to attack first, it rushed to bite the cobra, but this time the cobra caught the mongoose, the cobra 1 shot right into the mouth. mongoose, it painfully immediately backed away.

After receiving the bite, the mongoose in pain and dizziness ran away without looking back, and the cobra also walked proudly with a resounding victory.


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