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The venomous snake looks at the squirrel’s children to prepare for a hunting action, but fortunately, the mother squirrel arrives in time and teaches it a lesson.


The squirrel discovered a dangerous snake was approaching the nest, immediately rushed out to chase the snake to protect the young.

The squirrel is a rather friendly and sociable animal. They rarely get into fights and usually avoid conflicts. However, unlike most rodents, squirrels are not shy, but on the contrary are very brave. When detecting nearby enemies, the squirrels are ready to fight to the death with predators to protect their cubs.

In the video, a rat snake approaches the squirrel nest. Although this snake is not poisonous, it is the number one enemy of rodents. The mother squirrel, sensing danger, ran out to chase the snake. Although he knew he was weak, the squirrel was not afraid, rushing to attack the enemy first. The snake tried to probe the opponent before attacking but because he hesitated for too long, he lost the upper hand.


The snake tried to respond to the squirrel’s attacks, but to no avail. The squirrel quickly dodged the dangerous bites of the snake, while trying to poke the enemy.

After struggling for a while, the snake knew it couldn’t fight the squirrel and immediately found a way to run away. However, the squirrel still did not intend to let go of the intruder, pulling the snake’s tail to bite.


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