The mother deer volunteered to rush into the crocodile’s jaw to sacrifice her life for her baby


The wild world is full of fierceness and death is always near. When crocodiles go hunting, death will inevitably occur and only one animal will die instead of another.
A mother deer showed great love to her baby in the most sacred moment that will surely take your tears away.

Its mother also has to cross a deadly river full of crocodiles in search of a new food source.
But the baby deer quickly caught the crocodile’s sights and the crocodile began to carry out a plan to eat the baby deer.


The mother deer immediately jumped from behind and tried not to let the crocodile get close to her baby. But the result will be death for the mother deer, the mother deer has no choice and she accepts to sacrifice herself.
A traumatic moment of the wild world. Don’t watch the video below because it will take away your tears.


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