With lightning speed and the lion’s fatal bite, it doesn’t let the prey have time to turn to escape


We witnessed this incredible sight while hunting in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Lions are hunting zebras while they are grazing in a lawn.

The zebras panic and run away creating a cloud of dust in which the lion attacks a zebra.

At this time, the zebras run wild in each direction, usually the lion’s hunt is that it will observe and choose the smallest and weakest of the herd and then hunt.

The lion has chosen the target he wants to hunt, as the video shows 3 lions have focused on hunting a zebra.

it approaches its prey very quickly and leaps onto the zebra’s tail, making the zebra’s strides heavy and pinned to the ground.


At this point, the whole herd of lions rushed to hold the zebra, making it unable to resist and only trying to struggle in despair.

After the not too strenuous hunting trip, they had a full meal.

witnessing this scene we were amazed at how the lion took down the prey, although we really wanted to save the horse but we knew it was impossible.


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