When the Dead Rises: Wildebeest’s Astonishing Fightback Sends Lion Cowering


This is the incredible moment a wildebeest fights off a fierce lion by hooking its horns on the body of a predator.
When Hannes Joubert visited the Ngotso Dam in Kruger National Park, South Africa, on April 26, he discovered a wildebeest that was being bitten by a lion and was lying still.

At that time we thought the wildebeest was dead, but suddenly it had a source of strength that rose up to fight fiercely. We think he fights about his children and his teammates.


The buffalo is now constantly attacking the lion, it struggles with the predator. Sometimes the lion is even stuck in its stomach by its horn.

did not expect that in the end it was the lion who had to run away, the wildebeest won in glory, it did not expect that he could come back from the dead.


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