An unlucky day for leopards when unfortunately falling into the sights of two vicious lions


Professional guide Kerry Balaam was taking guests on a game trip in the southern section of the reserve earlier this month when she encountered the proud lion. Two lions are moving close to a leopard.

Despite being a powerful predator, the leopard’s solitary lifestyle and relatively small size make it dangerous when it comes to predators. Leopards are prized above most of Africa’s large predators, and they lose up to a fifth of their meals to other carnivores such as wild dogs and hyenas that numerical strength allows. they easily chase leopards kill them. Lions are an even greater threat.


Male lions have a large body, even twice that of leopards. Look at it so majestic, mighty

This video suddenly lion attacked a leopard lying in the grass, it was surprised by the attack of the hunter.

both have tremendous running speed, but the lion with its larger body and longer stride has quickly caught the prey.

The leopard has a much smaller body than a lion, so it can’t be empty, it can only lie down in pain.

The lion has now succeeded in hunting and has a hearty meal.


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