Crazy crocodile attack fiercely and kill baby elephant to wake it up from good dream


These impressive photos were taken by a tourist named Martin Nyfeler from Kloten, Switzerland, during a visit to Luangwa National Park, southern Zambia, in September 2010. Here, this man saw the mother elephant and her baby elephant standing in a water hole. The peaceful scene was completely ruined by the sudden appearance of a Nile crocodile.

Although elephants are not usually the prey of crocodiles, the ferocious 6m long animal still defiesly leaps out of the water and grabs the trunk of the mother elephant.

“Although alligators are getting bigger, most of their menu is fish or small animals” – Jason Bell, assistant curator of reptiles and amphibians at the Philadelphia Zoo said.

“However, there are still many opportunistic crocodiles, often lying in wait for the animals to come close to the water’s edge to attack. It is usually baby hippos, African buffalo … can be benefited by crocodiles. used to drag it into the water “- Mr. Jason added.

Despite the sudden attack, the mother elephant was still able to run away from the water, but the adult crocodile still refused to give up. According to visitor Nyfeler, the guide at the park said this is the first time they have seen this scene.


Even for the fierce Nile crocodile, taking down an elephant is not easy. There are many cases after launching the attack, the crocodile realizes it is his own mistake because the opponent is too big. But no matter how big the prey’s weight, hungry crocodiles still risk their lives to get something to put in their hungry stomach.

The mother elephant ran away but the crocodile still hung on its trunk. Then a miracle happened, the baby elephant did not know how clumsy fell and fell right into the enemy. Thanks to that, the crocodile was willing to let go of the mother elephant and return to the lake. The two elephants continued to run away.

In the end, it was only thanks to a small inadvertent action of the baby elephant that helped the mother and daughter escape the stubborn crocodile. This is probably a pretty happy ending for them.


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