“Spectacular Wildlife Drama: Buffalo Herd’s Fearless Lion Battle”


When discovering a herd of buffalo on the grassland, 8 lions stalked together to catch a wild buffalo.
The sudden attack from behind by the lions caused the buffalo herd to panic and flee towards the forest.

Although the herd was lucky to run away, a male buffalo slipped and got stuck at the edge of the forest.
Immediately, the lions approached in the hope of catching the buffalo.

Pieter van Wyk (left) and Latest Sightings founder Nadav Ossendryve captured this dramatic scene.
A lioness bit the buffalo’s leg and tried to drag it downhill.


Seeing that their brethren were in danger, the other wild buffalos immediately turned back to attack the lions.
Under pressure from the wild buffalo herd, the lions had to give up their prey.

However, some lions still tried to cross the slope to catch the injured buffalo.
Unfortunately, other strong buffaloes were ready to attack, so the lion had to retreat.


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