“Jungle Drama Unfolds: Lost Elephant’s Heart-Stopping Evasion of Lions”


A mother elephant ran across the road in a hurry without realizing that she left her baby behind.
Lions spotted the lost calf and saw an opportunity!

55-year-old Brent Schnupp, a paramedic firefighter from Virginia, USA, captured this sighting and shared it with

This incredible sighting unfolded during Brent’s recent safari to the Kruger National Park, located in South Africa.

“I was in the Kruger National Park. It was a crisp morning, around 6:30 AM, just north of Mopani camp, and my safari group and I were excited, hoping to see some of Africa’s wild animals.”

“As we drove along the roads in the park, our anticipation grew. The thrill of not knowing what may be around the corner was captivating. As soon as I had that thought, we came across a male lion casually crossing the road. He walked down to a small puddle. To our surprise, two other lions appeared out of nowhere and joined him—a younger male and a female. They were seemingly enjoying a peaceful moment of coexistence.”

“However, the tranquility was short-lived. Our attention was drawn to an adult female elephant emerging from the thicket ahead of us. She appeared to be in distress and was crossing the road with great haste. Little did we know at the time that she had left behind her vulnerable calf.”

“The lions, sensing an opportunity, came onto the road and soon realized that the mother elephant had left her calf behind. The younger male lion took the lead in chasing the defenseless baby elephant. In contrast, the older male lion just stood and watched on, while the lioness also seemed uninterested.”


It was an emotional moment as the baby elephant stood in confusion, contemplating whether to make a break for it or confront the lions. The lions attempted multiple times, but the baby elephant turned to face them every time. The little one displayed remarkable courage and bravery. The lions, despite their numerical advantage and years of experience, couldn’t manage to get a grip on the calf.

The standoff continued until the lions eventually gave up, seemingly convinced that they couldn’t overpower the young elephant. “In my six years of visiting Kruger National Park, I’ve never witnessed anything quite like this. Even our seasoned guides from Leo Vantage were astonished, admitting that they had never seen lions chasing a baby elephant during their entire time in Kruger.”

“If there’s one piece of advice I’d offer to fellow safari enthusiasts, it’s to be patient and stay committed to a sighting. Often, nature rewards those who wait. While this particular encounter developed rapidly, we were prepared to stay for as long as it took to witness such a spectacle.”

“I wasn’t alone in capturing this extraordinary event; there were two guides and five other guests with Leo Vantage, all of whom can attest to the rarity and intensity of this moment. Remember, giving animals space and not pressuring them allows such remarkable scenarios to unfold naturally.”



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