“Zebra’s Incredible 180-Degree Rescue: A Tale of Motherly Love”


Nyala antelopes in MalaMala Reserve, South Africa promptly ran away when they discovered a group of lions lurking. The two hungry lions found a target soon after, a herd of zebras. The pair of lions quickly spotted their easy prey, a young zebra. They immediately chased the zebra and her child.

During the hot pursuit, one of the two lions caught the young zebra. The mother horse escaped but immediately turned 180 degrees and turned back to try to save the baby zebra. With the expert experience of a professional hunter, the lion reacted extremely quickly and caught the mother zebra.


The mother zebra tried to escape with a back kick, leaving the foal behind with the hungry lions. Despite efforts to rescue the baby zebra, the mother was not successful. It almost became a delicious prey for the lions.



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