“Mother’s Love Conquers All: Baby Monkey Saved from Crocodile’s Grasp”


Crocodiles are always looking for a way to take down all the prey or animals that roam near their territory.

Monkeys are usually small prey but often have to fight with crocodiles for survival during the dry season.

When water is scarce, the monkeys often have to search for water and have to confront crocodiles more often.

A c aptured heart-pounding moment is sure to help you visualize how intense the battle for water will be.


When the child approached a water hole that was gradually drying up and was ambushed by a crocodile, the crocodile quickly grabbed the monkey’s head. Another monkey quickly rushed to the rescue but failed.

After that, only the monkey was left to fight, with his intelligence and flexible hands, the monkey opened the crocodile’s mouth and escaped.

Surely later it will have to be careful and luck with it next time won’t be anymore.


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