The hyena sticks its head into the giant elephant’s butt to dig its intestines out


Elephants are the largest land animals, adult elephants can weigh up to 3-6 tons. Due to their size and close social organization, adult elephants are immune to large predators and have no rivals. However, elephants have a long maturation period and prefer water and baby elephants grow, in the process inevitably being attacked by predators.

The hyena is a carnivore with the most powerful bite force in the animal kingdom with extremely strong teeth structure to be able to bite the prey, so the lioness has proved extremely painful when attacked collectively.


Hyenas are also very cunning when choosing to attack behind the enemy, this helps them avoid direct confrontation and can run away when the prey turns to attack.

In the clip, we can see an elephant that has been defeated before, at this time the hyenas are competing to tear the poor elephant.


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