“Lion Trio’s Rampage: Buffalo Succumbs to Ferocious Predator Attack”


On one tour we went on a safari with our client. On the Jock Concession, we could drive in the riverbed, so I drove towards the Biyamiti Bridge. We are looking for buffalo. We had guests leaving that morning, and seeing a buffalo was their last request. I already knew where the buffalo was, so I brought the guest over right away. “But when we found the buffalo, it was surrounded by three lions.

The buffalo is resting under the shadow of a leprechaun, as if it still doesn’t know that it is in danger, so it still gazes deeply into the distance. After a while it spotted the lion and quickly ran away.


The buffalo fiercely resisted 2 lions, but suddenly a lion in the back rushed to grab the buffalo’s butt and swing its whole body up. With the weight of the lion, the buffalo tried to run shyly but could not.

After being defeated, the other 2 lions quickly came to support their teammates, making it even harder for the buffalo to have a chance to escape..



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