“Quill Warfare: Humans Taunt Leopards, Porcupines Deliver the Blow”


The war of leopards and porcupines.

The leopards have just gone through a fierce and dramatic civil war with each other, so now they are very hungry, causing the leopards to decide to find delicious prey.

By chance, the leopard discovered two porcupines standing around on a piece of land, so the leopard observed carefully and hid behind the bushes to plan a surprise attack.

The leopard’s eyes show longing and ambition as soon as it sees delicious prey in front of them.

When the porcupine approached the leopard’s teeth, the leopard grabbed the porcupine’s head tightly, causing the porcupine to retreat in fear.

After that, the porcupines fled together, but the leopard refused to stop and followed the porcupines in the hope of eating them alive.

However, as soon as the leopard touched the hedgehog, it timidly backed away, not daring to come a little closer.

Because the leopard was scratched and stabbed by a group of porcupines using powerful spines on its body, causing the leopard to endure extreme pain.

Hedgehogs fight brutally as a way to defend themselves against the onslaught of leopards.

In the end, the leopard had to bitterly accept his defeat.


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