“In the Jaws of Death: Zebra’s Agonizing End in a Ferocious Lion Duel”


The battle of the lion and the zebra.

The lion steps closer to the front, where it observes the prey before its eyes.

On the other side were two zebras walking leisurely on the ground, seemingly oblivious to the danger around.

The lion has a grudge against zebras, so he suddenly attacks the zebra from the right.

The lion crossed his legs, rushed to the zebra and chased it brutally. The lion frantically thrashed his prey to the ground, devouring every bit of the zebra’s body without leaving even a single bit.


The lion’s legs hugged the zebra carcass tightly, scratching violently so that the zebra had no chance to escape.

Zebra tried to fight fiercely to escape, but gave up. In the end, the poor zebra gave up and accepted a tragic fate.


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