“Horned Justice: Crocodile Learns a Painful Lesson in Baby Buffalo Ambush”


Buffaloes are lucrative prey for any predator because they provide a large amount of food. However, to defeat this large prey, not every hunt is favorable.

While drinking water on a river, the young wild buffalo was attacked by a crocodile by biting its front leg and dragging it into the water. The sudden attack from the predator leaves the calves unresponsive and in danger.

However, after struggling for a while, the poor buffalo was lucky to escape and ran ashore to find a way to live. However, the price it has to pay is not light at all. One front leg was bitten by a crocodile, making the baby buffalo unable to walk normally.

It can be seen that the young are always the top targets of predators such as lions, crocodiles, jaguars… Even if they are large and powerful animals such as buffalo or elephants, there is still danger. muscle becomes a predator’s meal.


In the clip filmed by Eloff, a monitor lizard is surrounded by six lions in a dry grassland. Immediately after, one of the six lions grabbed the iguana and ran away.

When it dropped prey to the grass to eat meat, suddenly a wild buffalo rushed forward, used its foot to step on the lion’s back and then used it to knock it into the air. After 3 somersaults in the air, the lion fell to the ground. Because it was so scared, it immediately stood up and quickly ran away.

At this time, seeing the iguana running blood, the buffalo decided to stand by to protect it from the rest of the lions. Fortunately, under the protection of the buffalo, the iguana did not become food for the lions.


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