“Lone Guardian: Giraffe’s Fierce Encounter with 7 Lions, Legendary Leg Strike”


Dubbed the king of the jungle, lions easily defeat almost any prey with strength and speed. However, they are not always successful, especially when surrounding giraffes.

Giraffes are the favorite prey of lions in the wild, but not every hunt of this notorious predator turns out to be as successful as expected.

The video shows a herd of lions taking turns attacking the giraffe, and the tall creature’s incredible fighting ability is surprising.

One by one in the lions took turns jumping, clinging to the giraffe’s tail and legs. When the lion did not have time to bite his teeth to control the enemy, he immediately received the giraffe’s heavenly kick in the face, and fell to the ground.


This resilient mammal roams wildly, kicking formidable beasts with its hind legs. Some also tried to approach from behind but had to give up because they were almost hit by the giraffe’s rear kick.

After a while of fighting, the giraffe was also injured in many places. However, the giraffe did not give up and successfully escaped from the herd of bloodthirsty lions.


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