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“Jungle Justice: Mother Monkey’s Gang Launches Violent Vendetta Against Eagle’s Deadly Assault”


The eagle is a large bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. They live everywhere with high mountains and primeval forests that have not been cut down by humans.

The eagle has a wingspan of more than 3 m and weighs up to 30 kg, so it is a fearsome predator with small animals.

In this hunt, the eagle is targeting a newborn monkey and it is waiting for an opportunity to attack.

After nearly 12 hours of stalking, the eagle saw the opportunity and rushed to catch the baby monkey while the baby monkey was learning to climb a tree.

The eagle grabs its prey and immediately flies to another area where there are no monkeys around.


Discovering that her child was kidnapped, the mother monkey painfully risked her life to chase the eagle to save her child.

it observes and sniffs the eagle’s tracks and seems to have discovered the place where the eagle kept the baby monkey.

There were about 20 monkeys following to help the mother monkey, and was able to surround the eagle.

At this moment, leopard appears and is stalking to attack the eagle cubs.

Faced with this situation, the eagle was forced to leave the baby monkey and rush back to the nest to protect its babies.

Regardless of any animal, their motherly love is also touching.


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