Defying the Predator: Mother Zebra’s Audacious Confrontation with Lion King for Baby’s Survival


The video shows the lion organizing an attack on a herd of zebras and wildebeest grazing in the field.

The lions’ plan initially succeeded when they actively separated the herbivores into two groups. While the other lions continued to chase the large group, one lion broke off the pack, chased the small group running in the opposite direction and caught a young, immature zebra.

The lion quickly grabbed its prey by the neck, knocking it back to the ground. What seemed to be an easy meal, suddenly appeared another zebra, apparently the mother of the restrained horse.

Without hesitation, the zebra bravely rushed in, even using its own head as a lever to pressure the lion. The horse’s fierceness and strength forced the lion to temporarily let go of its prey.


But soon after, the lion continued to attack. In one segment, it seemed that the zebra was in danger when it was almost jumped on the back by a lion.

In the midst of danger, it was quick to use a unique kick to kick back, to hit the head of the predator, making the “big cat” stunned and had to give up the game midway.


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