“A Lesson in Prudence: Lion’s Foolish Selection Leads to Being Gutted by an Unrelenting Buffalo”


This footage was shot in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania during a hunting trip by plastic surgeon Gabriel Tahir, 59. He spotted the incredible moment on Wednesday during his week-long safari in Africa last month and shared the footage online after returning home to Tel Aviv, Israel.

He couldn’t believe his luck after stumbling across the astonishing sight just 15 minutes after entering the south entrance of the 5,7000-square-mile park.


This is the incredible moment a lion surprises a wildebeest with a quick surprise attack.

The big cat ambushed a gullible wildebeest as its herd crossed a dirt road. The lion quickly jumped into action, shoving his teeth into the animal’s throat.

The lion clenched his teeth around the wildebeest’s neck as the two wrestled until the wildebeest gave in.


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