The male lion tore the carcass of a 1-month-old baby elephant in front of tourists in a brutal manner.


The incident happened near Crocodile Bridge in Kruger National Park. Jean Graham said he was walking around the park when he saw a lion next to the carcass of a baby elephant.

The remarkable thing here is how the lion got the baby elephant. Usually in the elephant herd, baby elephants are cared for and protected very carefully. If a lion goes alone, he must also be afraid of the elephants. It is not clear whether the baby elephant died from illness or was attacked by a predator or the lion himself took his life. “There is no blood on the lion. I also didn’t see any elephants around. The death of elephants remains a mystery,” said Jean Graham.


Lions are one of the top predators. Their target is usually small-sized prey such as hares, antelopes, monkeys. However, when bored with traditional prey, lions can challenge themselves with hunting elephants and giraffes. However, it only chooses young elephants or giraffes, which are inexperienced and have poor resistance.

Jean Graham said that he has visited Kruger National Park many times but rarely witnessed lions hunting with his own eyes. The lion’s target is the baby elephant, which is even rarer.


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