Battle for the Feast: Massive Encounter as 30 Hyenas and Lions Converge in a Deadly Struggle for Food Supremacy


The hyenas are bloodthirsty and mean-spirited is no doubt, but when the hyenas know how to join the herd to steal the lion’s meat is a different story. This scene was recorded in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Smelling the smell of fresh meat, the hyenas went to the lion and decided to take advantage of the crowd to rob the prey.

The pair of lions caught a female pig after a chaotic and quick hunt. They begin to enjoy their prey in the shade. Not long after, a herd of hyenas appeared.

The chaotic sounds of hunting and the smell of fresh meat attracted the hyenas’ attention. Reckless and hungry, the hyenas decided to rush into their prey despite the dominant lion.


One of the two lions hurriedly ran away while the other remained for a while. But in the end it was still forced to run away because the hyenas were too crowded.

Although taking the prey from the lion’s hand, the loot for the hyenas was not much, because the lions also ate most of the meat of this prey.


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