Avenge the Fallen: Hyena Pack’s Ferocious Assault on 3 Lions Marks a Brutal Act of Retribution


So far, the wildlife world has witnessed countless fierce battles between animals in competition for the right to maintain the breed, food… Especially when predators encounter each other, The battle became much more brutal.

Typically in the clip below, the unlucky lion had an unexpected encounter with 15 hyenas.

Although it possessed strength beyond any hyena, but with a weaker number, this “lord of the grasslands” still suffered many injuries.

Due to their superior number, the hyenas rushed to attack the opponent fiercely. Although the lion tried to fight back, the lion was still injured.


Even when he ran into the water, the lion was still chased by 15 hyenas. Fortunately, the appearance of the same kind caused the hyenas to switch targets.

The lion on the shore was also attacked by the hyenas. But in the end, the 3 lions still preserved their lives against the aggressive hyenas.


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