“The Stealthy Assassin: A Deer’s Tragic End at the Hands of a Concealed Mud-Dwelling Python”


Wild life exists too many surprises and dangers can appear anywhere, at any time. A deer is drinking water and encounters a fearsome assassin and quickly loses its life.

The video was recorded and is going viral on social media. During the dry season, water is increasingly scarce and herbivores need water to survive.

Some intelligent predators have chosen to hide in the water for the easiest hunting. This python has done a great job with its clever tactics.

The python hid under a murky water hole and waited for the prey to appear, the deer gradually approached and quickly came down to drink the water. The python waits for an opportunity and attacks quickly.


A deer is quickly caught and squeezed by the python, after which the python slowly enjoys a delicious meal that can save it from having to forage for about 2 weeks.

Smart animals often choose to hide to hunt, they will save health and avoid being attacked by other predators.


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