“Fatal Antipathy: Hippos’ Costly Stand against Hated Hyenas”


Hippos are large animals in Africa that love water. They live in areas with abundant water because they spend most of their time in the water to keep their skin cool and moist.

Considered as amphibians, Hippos are very aggressive and dangerous. They have large teeth and tusks that are used to fend off threats, including humans.

A hippopotamus is invulnerable and they can defeat all other animals. A rare video of a hyena taking down a hippo has just been posted on Youtube and is going viral on social media.


A large hippo surrounded by a herd of about 10 hyenas, the hippopotamus has a habit of fighting with large animals and ignoring small animals such as hyenas or wild dogs.

But this time it made the grave mistake of looking down on hyenas and tragically died by not running away.

The video has attracted more than 65k views in just 1 day and promises to spread even more quickly because this is a very rare video.


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