“A Test of Kingship: The Lion King’s Painful Lesson in the Face of the Buffalo’s Might”


While wandering in the desert in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, a lion saw a wild buffalo and attacked. But it did not expect the wild buffalo to resist fiercely.

With sharp horns and extraordinary strength, the buffalo escaped the lion’s control and gradually prevailed in the battle.

The fight lasted for about an hour. Both animals were exhausted and suffered multiple injuries on their bodies. Matt Armstrong-Ford, a 25-year-old tourist from the UK, witnessed the bloody battle and took pictures.

Despite being put at a disadvantage and losing strength, the lion still refused to let go of its prey to run.

The buffalo also had no strength left to struggle when the lion scratched its face.


The lion’s teeth bit into the buffalo’s mouth, but its final attack was not strong enough to destroy the opponent.

Just as the lion was about to get up to run, other buffaloes in the herd rushed up and rammed it.

Finally the lion lay motionless. It has scabies, so it has to leave the herd and hunt alone.

Despite winning, the buffalo died before the lion due to an infection. After the buffalo left the scene, the lion tried to crawl into the bushes to lick the wounds.

Two days after the fight, the lion also died.


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