Survival’s First Test: Newborn Wildebeest’s Perilous Encounter with a Determined Jackal


Newborn animals will always be delicious meals that any animal will love. Therefore, newborn animals are animals with a very high mortality rate.

Mothers often have to fight hard for their children to grow up and the newborn moments are the most intense.

A wildebeest mother who has just given birth is confronted by a hungry and heartless jackal. The jackal took the opportunity to give birth to the wildebeest and was still very weak, it rushed to attack the newborn wildebeest.

The mother wildebeest can’t do anything and can only urge her cubs to run around. Wildebeest can only turn to protect its young.

The battle went on for a long time and the jackal was still unable to kill the newborn antelope, after many harmless bites to the infant’s leg, the jackal moved to attack the neck position of the antelope.


But the time of danger has passed, now the newborn antelope has become strong and its mother has also overcome the pain and fought fiercely to protect her baby.

In the end, the jackal could only regretfully leave because he couldn’t do anything about the wildebeest during the time when it was at its weakest. Death can come at any time during the birth, but both mother and baby wildebeest have escaped death.



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