Dramatic Turn of Events: Lion Provokes Buffalo, Takes Shelter in Tree, Confronting its Impending Death


The life-and-death battles between buffalo and lion will never end because the lion simply likes to eat buffalo meat and receive the feeling of pain when attacked by buffalo.

It was an intense hunt and the buffaloes later became the god of death while trying to find and take down the lion.

The lion caught a buffalo and was trying to kill it, very quickly the buffaloes arrived and made a fascinating rescue.

The bravest buffaloes come close and start the lion attack. The lion is also quite stubborn and still does not want to set the buffalo free.


The painful blows were performed by the buffalo towards the most stubborn lions and this time the lion was really scared. The lion turned and ran and the buffalo continued to chase the lion.

The slow-moving lions chose to climb the tree and were surrounded by buffalo, the lions expressed fear and perhaps today was their unlucky day.


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