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“Rat Army’s Brave Stand: Battling Three Poisonous Snakes in a Quest for Dinner”


Venomous snakes have always been a terror to little mice and they have always been snakes’ favorite food. But surprisingly, that role was reversed.

A rat was found hunting snakes and 3 venomous snakes died in one amazing video. This is the most amazing moment that you will definitely never see.

The rat was very proactive in attacking the snake and had perfect dodge situations then attacked immediately and the head of the snake prevented it from running away.


The second snake is a very poisonous snake and its death is similar with a cut ending in the head.

The third snake is also quite aggressive and attacks dangerously but in the end has the same outcome and is eaten by rats.

The amazing video was posted on Youtube in portuguese language and got more than 600k views within just 30 days.



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