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“Extraordinary Discovery: King Cobra’s Unique Taste for Sprite”


Viral Video: The thirsty King Cobra drank water from the bottle of Sprite! The most viral is video King Cobra Enters House And Drinks Water From A Sprite Bottle

When we see a snake in front of our eyes, we get scared. What is in front of our eyes, even if we see snakes in the video, our sleep is blown away. This time you can fall asleep seeing such a snake. Just like the villagers. The video has gone viral.

In one of the villages in this country, a snake enters a house. And then it gets stuck in a fishing net. But what would happen if he got stuck, as if the panic was not going away.

Because, that was the king of snakes – a King Cobra. And so a rescuer is called to bring that terrible snake into the bag.

Snake rescuer Mirza Arif came to rescue the giant King Cobra. He finally brought the snake to the bag. But no matter how much he came out of the bag, the hood was coming out fluently. The snake rescuer understands that the snake has a problem.


Then he brought water. Water is then poured from a sprite bottle into his mouth. Busy! The snake started drinking water. Seeing that, the snake rescuer Mirza said that this King Cobra was very thirsty and entered the house in search of water.

The video has been shared on a page called The Dodo on YouTube. The rescuer Mirza was seen bringing the snake trapped in the fish net to the open place with a stick. And then he drinks water from a water bottle.

After drinking the water, the snake relaxed, and it licked for a while. He was then placed in a plastic box. This video of only 3 minutes and 10 seconds has gone viral on social media.



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