Dire Straits: Cheetah’s Anguished Plea as Enormous Hippo Engulfs It, Lion Bravely Steps in to Save the Day


The hippopotamus looks gentle on the outside, but it’s the one with the ‘cheek number’ in the animal world. No one dares to touch them even lions, crocodiles… and this time, one more person who has to run away is the jaguar.

Encounters between hippos and jaguars are extremely rare. This time, the story was captured by photographer Paul Goldstein at Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

Paul said the three jaguars approached the river to drink water but were stopped from quite a distance by the ha. Usually hippos rarely go out of the water, maybe it is raising young, so it decided to prevent intruders from afar.


Seeing the hippopotamus blocking the way, the jaguar family did not dare to advance before having to flee in all directions when being chased by the hippo.

Alone, the hippopotamus still completely overwhelms the jaguar family and shows who dominates this place.

And of course, all three jaguars swallowed the regret that they couldn’t drink water and had to find another river.


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