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Woman shocked and shocked when she saw snake in the vacuum cleaner while she was taking a shower


A woman’s late-night shower was interrupted when she looked up and spotted a mammoth snake in the exhaust fan directly above her.
The woman from Perth’s southwest was having a shower at about 1.30am when she noticed the snake and contacted a professional to remove it.
“She was pretty wound up when I was talking to her on the phone. She said, ‘can you please come now and get this thing now,” Paul from Mad Pauly’s Reptile Removal told 6PR.

He initially doubted it was an actual snake and was surprised to discover a Stimson’s python nestled in the fan once he arrived.
This type of python is not native to Perth, and is instead found in a range of arid environments that feature rock outcrops and stony ranges, according to the Australian Museum
It turns out the python was actually an escaped pet named Rufus.
The python lived about a kilometre away and Paul managed to track the owner down.
“He did well not to get eaten or run over,” he said.


Snakes can be kept as pets, but owners need a licence from The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.
“It’s no different to having your dog or cat or something escape,” Paul said.
“Unfortunately stuff does happen.”


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