animalattackcrocodilemonkeymonkey story

Mother monkey screams when baby monkey is attacked by crocodile but can’t do anything to save baby..


The video takes place on a riverbank, where the monkey mother is seen carrying her baby across the river. Suddenly, a crocodile emerges from the water and attacks the baby monkey, grabbing it by the leg.

In a display of maternal instinct and bravery, the monkey mother fights back against the crocodile, pulling and tugging at her baby to try and free it from the crocodile’s grip. The struggle continues for several minutes, with the monkey mother even using her own body as a shield to protect her baby.


Eventually, the monkey mother’s persistence pays off, and the crocodile releases the baby monkey. The mother quickly scoops up her baby and carries it away to safety.

This video serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of maternal instincts, even in the face of extreme danger.


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