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The ‘boxer’ bird named secretary, loves to eat poisonous snakes


The secretary bird is known as a very fast and powerful “boxer” in the animal world, got the name of a secretary because the feathers on its head are like quills or hung on the heads of people. secretary.

The secretary bird is also known as a snake-eating kite. This is a large bird of prey, mainly living on the ground.

The secretary bird is endemic to Africa. This bird also appears on the national emblems of Sudan and South Africa.

The secretary bird got its name because the feathers on its head resembled the quills worn on the heads of secretaries in medieval Europe.


The secretary bird possesses the strongest kick in the animal world. Its kick is 5-6 times stronger than its own body weight.

The secretary bird’s kick is so fast that it happens within a tenth of our blink.

The secretary bird’s food is insects, small animals, lizards, young birds, bird eggs and even poisonous snakes.

The secretary bird has a falcon-like head, curved beak, rounded wings, and tall, crane-like legs.


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