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In Malaysia, a young puppy is saved from a wild monkey who kidnapped it and dragged it for three days along power lines and up trees.


Heartbreaking video shows the moment a pet puppy was saved after being taken hostage by a wild monkey for three days.

On September 16, the two-week-old black and white puppy, now known as Saru, was taken by the ape to the top of an electricity pole in Malaysia’s Taman Lestari Putra.

Concerned citizens are seen in video taken by one of the rescuers studying the monkey holding the puppy while it is perched in a tree and attempting to figure out how to save the tiny dog.

They attempt hitting it with small rocks and pieces of wood before deciding to ultimately let off firecrackers in the hopes that the monkey will be startled by the loud noises.

The scheme is successful, and the dog is dropped by the monkey, whose fall is cushioned by the dense vegetation. Then, three locals rush in the direction of the vegetation.

The little puppy is eventually located in the bushes by one of them, who then gives it to the others.

The dog appeared worn out and exhausted, but the monkey didn’t appear to damage it, observed bystander Cherry Lew Yee Lee. The puppy was simply being held by the monkey as it went around.

It was really unusual how it appeared to be treating the puppy as either a friend or its young. The poor puppy needed to be saved anyway since it appeared to be famished.


Cherry and her neighbors made three trips to the location where the monkey was last seen, but each time they arrived, the animal had already escaped, running down power lines and into the nearby bush.

Finally, the rescuers were successful when the monkey went back in search of food while still holding the tiny dog in its arms.

The dog was examined for wounds before being adopted by a local.

Locals claimed the kidnapped monkey was a member of a pack of animals that had a reputation for robbing homes of their food.

But this occurrence raises the possibility that they are responsible for other dogs going missing.

However, it’s thought that Saru was taken from a stray dog’s litter.

Every year, the public in Malaysia complains to the government against monkeys in a national average of 3,800 cases.

Due to this, the nation’s wildlife department launched a huge culling effort between 2013 and 2016, killing up to 70,000 macaques annually.


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