Forbidden by the hippo not to drink water in the lake, the elephant madly attacked, causing the hippopotamus to run away in fear


The conflict between elephants and hippos in Kruger National Park, South Africa was filmed by a tourist named Gordon Crundwell.

He said at that time there were more than 25 hippos in the lake along with many crocodiles lying on the shore.

The elephant, although coming later, seemed annoyed with the hippos, so he began to chase them away. Gordon recounts that elephants became increasingly agitated.

It splashed and roared, causing a commotion in the lake. The giant creature began to chase all the hippos out of the lake. During the chaos, the baby hippo was left alone near the shore.


The elephant came forward and began to push the small animal with its trunk, then continued to push it onto the sand. Fortunately, the elephant then abandoned the young hippo to return to the lake. Finally, the elephant showed a loss of interest and left.


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