animalattackbuffalowild dog

Despite their strength, large body and large herd, the buffalo herd was still powerless against the wild dogs when they tore the young buffalo.


The African wild dogs surrounded and chased the buffalo, making the weak young lag behind, immediately the wild dogs rushed to attack and eat the young wild buffaloes.

At times, pack of wild dogs surrounded and separated young wild buffaloes from the herd and even though these young were surrounded for protection by their mother and large wild buffaloes, the agility and dexterity of the wild dogs remained. can attack and rob the young wild buffalo right in front of their mother’s eyes.


The African wild dog is considered a master of the “art of hunting in groups”, when the individuals in the herd can work together in a very good way thanks to the sense of discipline and the ability of each individual to unite. body in the herd.

The African wild dog is also one of the predators with the strongest bite in the world, which makes the success rate of this species very high.


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