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Horrified with the hatred of monkeys when throwing dogs from a height of 250m to take revenge


Indian authorities arrested two monkeys after they slaughtered about 250 dogs. Villagers in Lavool village, in the Beed district of Maharashtra, reported the langur monkeys after they witnessed them engaging in what seemed to be targeted killings of the neighbourhood puppies by snatching them and taking them up to deadly heights to throw them from there. At such a height, these puppies had no food or water, so they died. The same thing happened over and over again for three months.

According to the villagers, the monkeys are taking revenge. They say that the violence erupted when some of the dogs killed a baby monkey. Villagers have reported that monkeys set upon dogs as soon as they see them before taking them up to a high place – the top of a building or a tree and dropping them to their death.


The monkeys were reported to have left puppies on roofs and in trees where they would die from lack of food and water, and in other incidents they would be thrown down and killed. The locals said the monkeys had been so thorough that there were no puppies left in Lavool village.

Clearly not content with the extermination of the dogs, monkeys are now said to be going after young children. School children are reportedly being attacked by the monkeys, creating a further sense of panic among the villagers. Mr. Munde said several people were injured while running away from the pair of monkeys.

In one reported instance, an eight-year-old was grabbed and dragged away by the monkeys, forcing villagers to throw stones at them to scare them off. But the langur monkeys won’t exactly face criminal charges over the mass murder. Rather, they were shipped off to Nagpur to be released in a nearby forest.


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