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Crazy bird tore apart snake man to take revenge on snake for taking his baby


Photographer Johan Croukamp while exploring wildlife in Kruger National Park, South Africa happened to witness an extremely interesting scene. The mother bird, who lost her baby, frantically attacked and killed her enemy, a snake.

According to photographer Johan, a mother bird was devastated when she discovered that her eggs had been swallowed by a snake when it left to feed.

With nothing left to lose, the mother bird became frantic, it rushed at the snake, pecking continuously.

The snake is not an animal that is easily bullied, it also rushes to attack the mother bird.

The snake threw itself in the air, waiting for the opportunity to bite the mother tete, intending to use the venom to paralyze the mother and die.

The mother bird seemed to be fueled by anger, it constantly flapped its wings, jumped up and down to avoid each venomous bite of the snake. From a distance, it looks like a dancing bird, but it’s a death dance.


Each stroke, each stroke, the pain of losing a baby made the mother’s mind become clear, the beak like an iron awl hit the snake and then closed it tightly and threw it up.

Encountering an opponent who lost his mind, the snake intended to escape but it had no luck, the mother bird was determined to avenge the blood debt. Not only fighting alone, the mother bird also cried out miserably, asking for help from her fellow humans, not letting the evil snake escape.

Finally, the snake seemed to be exhausted, the resistance also weakened.


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