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With an angry nature when kicking a young man in the middle of the street because he dared to tease me


This rare incident happened on a street in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh state, northern India.

Being teased by the young man raising his finger, the monkey immediately jumped up and kicked the opponent down.

In the clip, a young man is walking on the street when he sees a monkey owner nearby and is joking. The monkey immediately reacted by jumping to the higher platform to warn.

However, this guy still did not stop but continued to raise his “bad finger” in front of the monkey. Too angry, the monkey jumped on his head and kicked, causing the young man to fall to the road.


It is known that Shimla City is famous for Jakhu temple. Currently, there are hundreds of monkeys around the temple.

According to local residents, the monkeys in Shimla City are famous for their hot temper, often roaming the streets to steal food and belongings from tourists.


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