Lions howled in pain as the hedgehog stuck its sharp feathers into the body of 4 lions in humiliation when losing to a hedgehog


Interesting wildlife world moment captured in Amakhala reserve, South Africa. At that time, a large hedgehog was wandering by the river bank and suddenly encountered a herd of lions. Immediately, the predators surrounded the hedgehog and tried to attack.

However, things are not that simple. With experience and a back full of sharp thorns, the porcupine, although alone, is still able to “fight” and defeat the whole herd, which is much different in number.

In the wild, adult porcupines are also the target of lion attacks. But this rodent always knows how to defend itself. It will erect spikes and a long, spiky tail towards its enemies, ready to injure or even kill lions.


After a few minutes of trying, it seemed that the enemy was “difficult”, so the group accepted to leave and continued their hunt. And the hedgehog has shown that, although alone, the lion is not always “the lord”.


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