Dangerous river! Crocodiles and hippos savagely attack the antelope, making the prey unable to survive by the powerful bite.


In the clip, a male impala goes to a lake that is about to dry up to quench his thirst. Unfortunately for it, however, the drinking spot was ambushed by a crocodile.

Just waiting for the prey to be caught off guard, the crocodile immediately jumped out of the turbid water and caught the antelope.

Immediately after, the crocodile quickly dragged the antelope into the water. Because the horn is too long, the impala gets caught in the horns with its front legs, so it can’t run away. As a result, the antelope became a hearty meal for the crocodiles.

The impala is an artiodactyl mammal, of the family bovids, common in the savanna of Africa. The characteristic feature of the impala lies in the huge horns up to 90 cm long, which are found only in males.

This is a herd animal and is active most of the day in the savanna. They are the favorite prey of all carnivores in Africa such as lions, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles…


These creepy images were taken by two wildlife photographers, Eben and Elna Geldenhuys, in a lagoon in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Although the antelope struggled, it could not escape the ferocious mouth and strength of the hippo.

The antelope is said to have died while being bitten by the hippopotamus because after struggling with “prey” for a while, the hippopotamus fell asleep with a part of the immobile antelope’s leg firmly attached to it.

Hippos are usually herbivores and are mainly herbivores but are also very aggressive and ready to attack if an animal enters its territory.

And the gazelle had to accept death when it entered the swamp of the hippo.

Scene of hippo sleeping while still holding “prey”


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